iex cosmonauta, Barcelona
Visual artist.
Drawing, Digital art, Painting, , Video & Liveshow


My most recent work has been done in pencil. A return to simplicity after a long time of experimentation with technology, interacting with other artistic disciplines.

These labyrinthine drawings are an attempt to understand how humans relate to the rest of nature, and what are the boundaries that separate the natural and the artificial, if they exist. How in hyper-tech contemporary society, each of us can build his own intimate sphere, connected to the rest of the cosmos. It dehumanizes us, or perhaps makes us more deeply human.

Through “iex cosmonauta”, my visionary alter ego, I get carried away by inspiration, which normally comes by the strong impact of some inner vision. Later comes the artistic work: a slow, laborious and almost religious act of search and reunification with that reality. I try to materialize those ethereal worlds basically to be able to connect with them, emotionally and intellectually.

But above all, art is a tool to try to absorb all I can from this universe.

Besides drawing and painting, another aspect of my art is the performance with the artistic collective “Insectotròpics”, of which I am co-founder. The objective is to bring to another level the world of drawing, interacting with technology, video art, theater, dance, music and many other art form. In these works, the creative process is as important as the result. And also it represents, as an artist, a different approach to the audience and to the ability to generate emotions within performing arts.

Drawing is for me a journey of spiritual exploration through the thick jungle of the world and the depths of the mind. A ritual of contemplation of shapes and mystical symbols that may point beyond themselves.


“Cançó de Nadal”. Liveshow at Pl. Catalunya, Barcelona.

Mural at Espai Eat Art de Banyoles. Fundació Lluís Coromina.
100th Anniversary of Teisa. Book Publication.


Individual Exhibition at Espai Impulsió. Barcelona.
Collective Exhibition at Espai Isern Dalmau. Fundació Lluis Coromina, Barcelona.
“Territoris Humans, Nodals i Sostenibles”. FGC Book Publication.
“Mobilàxia”. Site Specific Installation at “Saló de l’Automòvil 2019”. Barcelona.
Mural painting at Espai Isern Dalmau. Fundació Lluis Coromina, Barcelona.
Liveshow at Metropolitan Hall of Taipei, Taiwan.
Liveshow at UNAM University, Ciudad de México.
Liveshow at Teatro Juárez, Guanajuato, México.
Liveshow at Teatro del Bicentenario, León, México.
Liveshow at Cornellà, Catalonia.
Liveshow at “Spectaculo Interesse Festival”. Ostrava, Czech Republic.
Liveshow for the “Nadala 2019” at Fundació Carulla, Barcelona.


Fundació Banc Sabadell Art emergent first Award 2018.
Collective Exhibition. Acadèmia Belles Arts de Sabadell.
“Ultraenergia”. Collective Exhibition. Fundació Lluis Coromina, Girona.
Collective Exhibition. Galeria Esther Montoriol. Barcelona.
Best performance Award at FIAT Festival, Montenegro.
Liveshow at “Le Théâtre” de Laval. France.
Liveshow at “Festival Mukamas”. Tampere, Finland.
Sziget festival, Budapest, Hungary.
Liveshow at Teatre de Calldetenes, Barcelona.
Liveshow at Teatre de Cardedeu, Barcelona.


Individual Exhibition at Les Bernardes Art Center. Girona.
Collective Exhibition at Fundació Iluro, Mataró.
At.tension Festival 2017. Liveshow. Lärz, Germany.
Fira Tàrrega. Liveshow. The Legend of Burning Man. Tàrrega


Collective Exhibition. Espai Volart. Barcelona
Festival di Morgana. Liveshow. Palermo, Italy.
Festival Au Bonheur des Mômes. Liveshow. Le Grand Bornand, France.
Teatre La Llotja. Liveshow. Lleida.
Mapping for 160th Anniverary of Cervesa Moritz. Barcelona.
FADE Festival. Liveshow. Catalonia.
Figura Teater Festival. Liveshow. Baden, Switzerland.
Internationales Straßentheaterfestival. Liveshow. Heppenheim, Germany.
Tallinn Treff Festival. Liveshow. Tallin, Estonia
AprilFestival 2016. Liveshow. Copenhagen, Denmark.
Teatre Atrium. Liveshow. Viladecans.
Teatre L’Atlàntida. Liveshow. Vic.
Teatre Kursaal. Liveshow. Manresa.
Centre Cultural. Liveshow. Terrassa.

Collective Exhibition at Fundació Valvi. Girona.
Collective Exhibition at Universitat Rovira i Virgili. Reus.
Collective Exhibition at Universitat Ramon Llull. Tortosa.
Collective Exhibition at Acadèmia de Belles Arts de Sabadell.
Fi-Performing Arts Price, 2015.
15th BBVA Theater Award.
Stamsund International Festival. Liveshow. Norway.
Festival Mondial des Marionnettes. Liveshow. Charleville, France.
BellSquare London Festival. Liveshow. London, UK.
Welt Theater der Strasse Festival. Liveshow. Schwerte, Germany.
Festival TNT. Liveshow. Terrassa.
Fira Tàrrega. Inaugural Liveshow. Tàrrega.

Collective Exhibition at Museu de Lleida Diocesà i Comarcal. Lleida.
Collective Exhibition at Museu d’Història de Catalunya. Barcelona.
Collective Exhibition at Centre de Lectura de Reus.
Festival Internacional de Manizales. Liveshow. Colombia.
Festival Mirada de Santos. Liveshow. Brasil.
Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg. Liveshow. Germany.
La Divina Comedia 2. Liveshow. Fabra i Coats, Barcelona.
Festival Kaldearte. Liveshow. Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain.
La Divina Comedia. Liveshow. Fabra i Coats, Barcelona.
Festival MOT. Liveshow. Olot.
Festival Escena Abierta. Liveshow. Burgos, Spain.

Ansan Street Art Festival. Liveshow. Korea.
Passage Nu Festival. Liveshow. Helsinborg, Sweden.
Passage Nu Festival. Liveshow. Helsingor, Denmark.
Festival Fringe13 Matadero. Liveshow. Madrid.
Festa de les Lletres Catalanes. TV LiveShow. Teatre Kursaal de Manresa.
Festival TNT. Liveshow. Terrassa.
Teatre Auditori de Granollers. Liveshow. Barcelona.
Fira de Tàrrega. Liveshow. Tàrrega.
Teatre Auditori Can Palots. Canovelles, Barcelona.

Collective Exhibition at Festival Món Llibre at CCCB. Barcelona.
Mapping Festival Liveshow. Geneve, Switzerland.
Fira de Tàrrega. Liveshow. Tàrrega.
Come & See Barcelona. Antic Teatre. Liveshow. Barcelona.
Convent de Sant Agustí. Liveshow. Barcelona.
Sala La Moderna. Liveshow. Vilafranca del Penedès.
La Fundició. Liveshow. Barcelona.

Individual Exhibition at Blank Media Collective. Manchester, UK.
Festival MIRA!. Liveshow. Barcelona.
Liveshow at Telenoika, Barcelona.
Galeria UntitledBCN. Liveshow. Barcelona.
Urban installation. Molins de rei.

Individual Exhibition at Galería Untitled BCN, Barcelona.
Individual Exhibition at Galería Corretgers 5, Barcelona.
Collective Exhibition at XIII Biennal de pintura jove de Reus.
Collective Exhibition. Galería Corretgers 5, Barcelona.
Raptum Cosumere. Action Painting for revista Bonart. Espai Gironès. Girona.
Eden Magnetofluidodinàmic. Action Painting for revista Relevant Bcn. Barcelona.
Publish at Brown Paper bag Magazine.
Publish at Fecal Face Magazine.
7a Mostra sonora i visual. Liveshow. Convent de Sant Agustí. Barcelona.
Festival eco-art. Urban Installation. Barcelona.

Individual Exhibition at Galería Untittled bcn. Barcelona.
Collective Exhibition at Galería Base Elements. Barcelona.
Collective Exhibition at Galería Artevistas. Barcelona.
Garbí Magnetofluídodinàmic. Action Painting. Tossa de mar.
Festival JAMM’09. Angel Exterminador 2. Liveshow. Barcelona.
Angel Exterminador 1. Liveshow. Galería Miscelanea, Barcelona.
Publish at Lecool Magazine.
Festival Difusor. Urban Installation. Barcelona.

Collective Exhibition at Galeria Anquin’s. Reus.
Publish at Revista ROJO.
Publish at Revista BONART.

Collective Exhibition. Festival Und #2 Plattform. Karlsruhe, Germany.
Collective Exhibition. Galería Espai B. Barcelona.
Collective Exhibition. Galería Elite arts. Barcelona.
Collective Exhibition. Concurs de pintura de Centelles, Barcelona.
Festival Domicili en permuta. Installation. Barcelona.

Individual Exhibition. Galería Niu. Barcelona.
Collective Exhibition. IMPRESSION 2006. Mail-art & Digital-art. Rotterdam.
Collective Exhibition. TOG06. Barcelona.
Festival TUROLEANDO’06. Urban Installation. Liveshow. Barcelona.
JORNADA de ARTE URBANO en La Mina. Urban Installation. Barcelona.
Llibre vegetalis. Urban Installation. Barcelona.
Galería Miscelanea. Action Painting. Barcelona.
Indigestió tv. Urban Installation. Barcelona.
Internacional AIDS day. Action Painting. Barcelona.
Publish at revista BELIO.

Collective exhibition. Galería Miscelanea. Barcelona.
Collective exhibition. Galería EspaiB. Barcelona.
Collective exhibition. Galeria Cíclic. Barcelona.
Festival Gracia Art al Carrer. Urban Mandala Installation. Barcelona.
Mochiba Club. Liveshow. Barcelona.
Publish at revista BELIO.

Individual exhibition. Galería Cossachok. Glasgow, Scottland.
Collective exhibition. Galería Sennacheribbo. Barcelona.

Collective exhibition. Galería Falconart. Amsterdam, Holland.
Collective exhibition. Galería Cercle22. Barcelona.
Collective exhibition. Pati Llimona. Barcelona.

Collective exhibition. Mithologies. C.R.O.U.S.E. Toulouse, France.
Collective exhibition. Ciudades Imposibles. Universidat Complutense de Madrid.

Collective exhibition. Hommage a Goya. Instituto Cervantes de Bordeaux, France.
Collective exhibition. Art i distorsió. Espai Pere Pruna, Barcelona.