Bouazizi is a performance which revolves around the media and the manipulation of power, reflecting a reality in which  we are all a part of a web, but that nobody seems to recognise themselves as a spider.


Bouazizi is a punch in the stomach, a brutal and explosive spectacle which has to be seen live. A stage with 360° vision – arranged as such because the audience are not static but turn to see it from all angles. Just like reality itself, or news reporting, if you see something only from one angle you see it incomplete. In every moment, in every corner there are different thing happening, all to be seen from another angle.

You need to see it from everywhere. The machine becomes operational and begins to offer partial, manipulated and alternative viewpoints. The images are manipulated, things become icons that are not, public opinion and emotions are manipulated.


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“If ‘La Caputxeta Galactica’ (Galactic Red Riding Hood) was an acid trip, ‘Bouazizi’ is like crack.”

– Desde El Patio Blogspot, 10 September 2013

“An explosive fusion – both brutal and surprising – of fine arts with video, music, dance and theatre.”

– Márcia Costa. “Revista Pausa”, Brasil. 7 November 2013.

“An impressive cascade of images, sounds, ideas, much more intense if you walk around the installation in which everything happens – including the aroma of incense.”

– Teatrorama, September 2013

“Tremendous. A staged contemporary art exhibition. A must-see!”

@mmontero7, September 2013

“Brutal and dynamic. A whirlwind of images and emotions.”

– David desde el Patio, Blogspot, September 2013