Which came first, art or drugs?
How can artistic practice uplift the spirit as much as it does in artificial paradises?
The art can be as destructive as drugs?
Why the real world is not enough?

Questions like these led me to immerse myself in a world of pure lines, open spaces, crystalline colors and forms, leaving behind a long period of shadows.
With these laborious works start to grows a new concept: the drawing as a mantra and as a way of enlightenment and knowledge.

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 1

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 10

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 12

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 8

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 3

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 13

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 5

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 7

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 2

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 6

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 4

iex-cosmonauta-mescaline 9

ex_cosmonauta_mescaline 3

ex_cosmonauta_mescaline 4

ex_cosmonauta_mescaline 5

ex_cosmonauta_mescaline 6

ex_cosmonauta_mescaline 7

iex_cosmonauta_mescaline 2

iex_cosmonauta_mescaline 9